CRAZY WINTER CLEARANCE – as low as $5.00 a piece

Our Crazy Winter Clearance begins now! Specially selectedCrazy Sale Category” (CSC) items are only $5.00 a piece after discount which will be applied to your order at the end of the checkout process. The more of our current styles you purchase, the more styles you can purchase in our CSC at privileged discount:

A. 3 - 6 pcs (current styles): entitled to 2 pcs of CSC at $5.00/pc after discount

B. 7 - 9 pcs (current styles): entitled to 3 pcs of CSC at $5.00/pc after discount

C. 10 pcs or more (current styles): entitled to 4 pcs of CSC at $5.00/pc after discount


Our unbeatable price and quality will surely brighten each of your Spring adventures !

(The Spring Sale is non-refundable and courier charge for any exchange item will be at customer’s expense. Please allow up to two weeks for shipment upon receipt of your payment.)